Bereavement and grief, although associated with pain, loss, sadness and feelings of numbness, is a normal part of the human experience. Everybody experiences loss and bereavement in the course of their lives. Loss can take many forms – death, unemployment, divorce, leaving home or other.

No matter what kind of loss you experience, it can trigger a dip in your wellbeing. There is no right or wrong way to experience loss or to grieve. You may experience a wide range of emotions. This is part of coming to terms with a loss or bereavement.


Disbelief Shock Anger Sadness Guilt Depression Anxiety
Despair Longing Loneliness Loss of energy Lack of sleep Poor concentration

You don’t need to go grieve alone. Talking and sharing your feelings with someone can help. Don’t be afraid to talk about your loss. Grief can affect people in different ways, and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. For some people, relying on family and friends is the best way to cope. However, it may not always be enough to adjust to a new life and accept present circumstances.

That is why therapy can be a great option in addressing your issues related to your loss. I will provide you with a safe, calm and compassionate environment in which you will be able to express your feelings, explore your thoughts and be totally yourself in the grieving process. Therapy is an opportunity to explore your feelings and memories without judgment. No loss is too big or too small to warrant support. You do not have to endure your grief alone.